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Hell Dog

Availability: 210 In Stock

Shots: 10
Caliber Ø: 17 mm
Duration: 12 sek.
NEC: 33 g
CE class: F2

C5004 Gugus

Availability: 156 In Stock

Shots: 7
Caliber Ø: 20 mm
Duration: 10 sek.
NEC: 38,5 g
CE class: F2

JW07 Mars

Availability: 160 In Stock

Shots: 16 
Caliber Ø: 20mm 
Duration: +/- 25sek.
NEC: 140g
CE class: F2

CS3329U Roman Candle

Availability: 31 In Stock

Shots: 72
Caliber Ø: 15 mm
Duration: +/- 30 sek.
Effect: Silver Chrysanthemum with Mine

NEC: 126 g
CE class: F2

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